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BERZERK - Anything Else Is Just Noise (7-Inch EP)

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Image of BERZERK - Anything Else Is Just Noise (7-Inch EP)


01. Which One Are You - A Cutie A Fool Or A Robot
02. A Letter And A Noose Addressed To...
03. My Way
04. The Greek Song


Anything else is just noise, aka A.E.I.J.N showcases BERZERK longing for ye ol' sound of yesteryear me friend. I cant say it sounds just like their first 7," but its surely not as "metal" as the 10." I'm not saying I dislike the 10" at all, I'm just saying I dont like "metal"... hence the quotes. Anyways, yea this rules and it excites me to think that it sorta leads me to believe that they havent reached their peak yet. Later. —T.C.


Recess #88