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01. Sweet Emo
02. It'll Never Bother Me
03. American Trash
04. Invisible Monsters
05. Don't Bet On Me
06. Pussy
07. Gotta Get That Girl (Away From Me)
08. Some One Special
09. Untitled
10. What's Your Name
11. Leavin' Town
12. Pittman Wash
13. Ah Geese
14. Knives
15. Mic Jagger
16. Kiss My Black Ass


I've seen the Civic Minded 5 play on the side of warehouse in freezing winds. And they were fucking great. Lazer reminded me of the intensity of Greg Ginn. Then someone tripped over the lamp chord and everything went black and we drank more and people bumped into one another. I've seen the CM5 in a Vegas dive bar and got threatened. I could'nt take pictures unless I faxed in a request. That night, they sucked balls. They played a fucking twenty minute medley that they'd restart over and over again. they were just very bad drunks. I've seen the CM5 smash a guitar in NYC and I was joyous. The crowd got rowdy. Fun, punch your friends rowdy. In other words, live is a mixed bag, depending on their sobriety and their we-hate-one-another levels of irritation. Enter this CD. Fuck your first song. If anything, put it after ten minutes of blank space at the end. It's a parody of Aerosmtihs "Sweet Emotion." Jesus its painful and it's shitty. Things pick up mightily right after that. Then they do things like: fuckin' spazz, almost-kazoo vocals jumping all over themselves like little dogs having fun humping, and if you listen beyond the frenetic din-and I'm not calling anyone a pussy here-the musicianship is as inspired as it is warped and speedy. G uitar lines fray and splice and stop and bunch up suddenly and make very basic song structures crackle like the front of a retard bus with the brakes locked up after it hits a brick wall. it's funny. The CM5 are an unavoidable accident. There's a lot of screaming, like someone's in a lot of pain, which, in my book, makes for a very enjoyable record. Favorite track: "Kiss My Black Ass," "Rolickin.'"

—Razorcake Magazine



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Recess #75