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RATIONS - Martyrs and Prisoners (7-Inch EP+DL)


Image of RATIONS - Martyrs and Prisoners (7-Inch EP+DL)


01. Leaves of Grass
02. Occasion For War
03. My Magnificent Sea
04. (No More) Warheads
05. The Profiteers
06. Relived/Replayed


Fucking great. Sloppy as hell, fuzzed-out, and couched somewhere between—work with me here—(Young) Pioneers and Action Patrol. Frenetic, blistering, quick jabs that, were it a coin toss, consistently land on the ragged, scarred side of pop punk.



• White Vinyl
• Includes Download
• Comes with Free Patch
• Collaboration Release Between 30 Labels in 11 Countries

Recess #139