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Image of RECESS JAPAN (Vinyl)

The whole idea for Recess Japan was to offer downloads only of the many great bands that we have crossed paths with while touring Japan. But the label, Underground Government, ended up putting The Underground Railroad to Candyland – Bird Roughs CD/DVD out in Japan with the Recess Japan logo on it. So we might as well try to get some physical media out too, here & there. Still, the focus remains on downloads (mainly from the Underground Government catalog) cos it’s financially easier to get some attention onto these great bands.


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SEVENTEEN - Never Wanna Be 17 Again (LP) $10.00
Great Japanese band! The very first vinyl release for Recess Japan! Sounds like Bent Outta Shape! Bananas too! 13-songs on beautiful black vinyl.

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GOD EQUALS GENOCIDE / NO PEOPLE - (7-Inch Split) $3.00
What happens when two bands play together in Pensacola, FL on their way to Fest? Chances are they become friends, make outrageous plans, and eventually follow through with them. Over a year in the making this split is a product of such situations. Two songs from each band. If you're a fan of sloppy, poppy punk rock than this is a great international sampler. Japan's No People decide to slow it down and infuse some organ, but it's still the rowdy, slurred punk they're known for. GEG continue with the aggressive catchiness.