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RIVETHEAD - The Cheap Wine of Youth (12-Inch EP)


Image of RIVETHEAD - The Cheap Wine of Youth (12-Inch EP)


01. Avoidance Learning
02. In My Heart A Warehouse Burns For You
03. Sleeptight Ya' Morons
04. 48 Double Stack
05. Sleepless In St. Paul
06. Traffic Street


Well, since this took about 90 years to repress, we will consider it a new release. Here's some new release info: This is not a new release. This is a repress of the highly influential Rivethead 12-Inch. Member's of Rivethead have gone onto bands like: Off With Their Heads, Gateway District, Dear Landlord, Banner Pilot, etc, etc. Not one of these bands have had a review without the mention of this here 12-Inch wax. Whether it's just an ex-member role call or a reference point, people retroactively wanted to have sex with this record. Let's party! —T.C.


Recess #79