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THE CRUMBS - Hold That Shit Right! (CD)


Image of THE CRUMBS - Hold That Shit Right! (CD)


01. Dothan, Pill City, USA
02. Whether I Win Or Lose
03. Monica's On Her Own Again
04. Just A Waitin
05. Communist Radio
06. I Think I Got The Blues
07. Get All Tangled Up
08. Whatta They Know
09. Sheila
10. Iggy Can't Lose
11. Your A Drag
12. Another Shot
13. No Cheese!
14. Chemicals Chemicals
15. Alien Girl
16. Im Sicka You
17. Stuck On Me (Like Glue)
18. You Make Me Rock N' Roll


This is what industry insiders refer to as being "tight." Like the cover says: lost tracks & rarities, this sucker is filled with stuff like the ALIEN GIRL 7", GET ALL TANGLED UP 10," comp tracks, and the aborted DESTRUCTO SESSIONS. 18 songs in all. Dont be a wierdo, buy this. —T.C.


Recess #80